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You are invited to celebrate Pesach with us all together as a community as we recount the Exodus from Egypt

The Exodus was both a life changing moment and a process. There was the moment of stepping into the light outside of Egypt, and of stepping into the split sea. We heard from many of you last year what a moment our First Night Seder in lockdown was for you - you so valued the care of your community and the joy of coming together.

This year, as we stand on the brink of being able to be in person again, but still being cautious, we, as a community, will come together remotely for those most wonderful moments again, and we have planned a couple weeks of learning, singing and gathering - even occasionally in person. We invite you into this whole process, as we move from darkness to light.

Members from the community have worked hard this year to create a range of events both before and during Pesach - so there’s something for everyone...and also a chance for everyone to try something new. Read on to find out more and do get in touch if you have any questions!


Pesach Shop - Order by Friday 19th March to get those Pesach goodies to help ensure your Seder Night (and more) has all you need!

An Evening of Pesach Learning - Monday, 22nd March, 7:00pm - Join Rabbi Benji, Yael Roberts and Yoav Oved as they lead us in Pesach Preparations with a night of Jewish texts, Seder songs, and a Seder 101 experiential learning session. 

Pesach Cook-Along - Wednesday, 24th March, 7:00pm - There are extra restrictions on food during Pesach which might leave you thinking "What can I make?!". Come along to this session as we guide and inspire you to make some tasty dishes without Chametz.

Or Shabbat Candle Lighting & Pesach Fun - Friday, 26th March, 5:30pm - Join Yael, Lilinaz and Yoav as they lead us in a very special Family Candle Lighting to which families from the whole community are invited! We’ll be getting into the Pesach spirit with songs and activities, as we bring in Shabbat together.

Four Ways to Make a Difference this Pesach - On Pesach we have the Four Questions, the Four Children, and this year Westminster presents: Four Ways to Make a Difference. When we discuss Pesach, we often think of the need to stop oppression, to be free to serve and to make the world a better place. As such, we wanted to highlight four simple ways members can make a difference this Pesach - and beyond! 

Online Resources - We've compiled some of our favourite resources from various sources. We hope you enjoy them and if you have any you would like to add, get in touch!

During Pesach

First Night Communal Seder - Saturday, 27th March, 7:00pm -  We are delighted that Emeritus Rabbi Thomas and Yoav Oved invite you once again to their homes for our First Night Communal Seder as we eat, drink, sing and explore what freedom means to us! 

Family Pesach Quiz - Sunday, 28th March, 5:00pm - During the Seder, children play a big part in asking questions, however, on Sunday 28th March we'll turn the tables as they (and their families) will need to give some answers! 

Second Night Seder - Sunday, 28th March, 7:00pm - Join Rabbi Benji, Yoav Oved and Joe Crossley as the lead a night where you’ll have the choice to explore aspects of the Passover Seder through either a Social Justice or Jewish Text lens in small groups. N.B. Spaces limited

An Evening with John Offenbach - Monday, 29th March, 7:00pm - We're very excited that renowned photographer, John Offenbach, joins us to talk about his award-winning book 'Jew' and how it explores the nature of what it means to identify as 'Jewish' today.

Four Your Questions - Wednesday, 31st March, 7:00pm - Pesach is all about talking, singing and most importantly asking! Join us as Rabbi Benji takes to Zoom to answer any questions you may have around Judaism and beyond!

Pesach Picnic Partners - Friday, 2nd April - As lockdown rules ease, we want to ensure there’s a chance for members to safely meet up with one another in person. Sign up to host or participate in a picnic near you and make new connections with other members in a member’s garden a local park or even the Synagogue Gardens.

Erev Seventh Night and Shabbat Evening Service - Friday 2nd April, 6:30pm - Join us for our evening service as we sing and learn together. Stay on after the service as we raise a glass and wish Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach to other members in the community.

Seventh Day and Shabbat Morning Service - Saturday 3rd April, 10:30am - Join us as we close out Pesach with our Seventh Day Morning Service, which also coincides with Shabbat. To apply for a seat to join us in person for this service at Kent House, click here.

Post Pesach

We'd love to hear from you on how you celebrated the festival, and see photos of you! Do send them in to us or share them on Facebook and Instagram!

If you would like to get involved with helping out on any of the above events, or maybe for future festivals and events, let us know!


Mon, 2 August 2021 24 Av 5781