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Shabbat Tzav - 10th Nisan 5780

Friday 3rd - Saturday 4th April 2020
Rabbi Thomas is reflecting on people helping each other out in these challenging times and about angels. 

Rabbi Benji is teaching about Hallel and psalm 113 and it's connections to Pesach. Then we hear Yoav Oved sing the psalm.

Shabbat Vayikra - 3rd Nisan 5780

Friday 27th - Saturday 28th March 2020
Rabbi Benji is reflecting on what the past week has brought and about opening oneself up to new experiences and learning. 

Yael Roberts and Yoav Oved have been looking at the song L'cha Dodi this week. Click below to hear Yael's thoughts on the history and meaning of this prayer, followed by a chance to sing it with Yoav. The video is showing lyric while Yoav is singing, so that you can join in. 

Shabbat Vayakhl-Pekudei - 25th Adar 5780

Friday 20th - Saturday 21st March 2020
Yael Roberts has been reflecting on how the past week has, and continues to, impact our lives, while exploring this week's Torah portion.

Rabbi Benji and Yoav Ovad, one of our Synagogue Singers, have looked at the song Shalom Aleicheim. Click below to watch a video of Rabbi Benji exploring the meaning of the song, both on a personal level and in the Jewish community in general, and hear Yoav sing it.

The video is showing the lyrics, so that you can sing along with Yoav.  Click here to see the full lyrics in Hebrew, English and transliterated. 


Wed, 8 April 2020 14 Nisan 5780