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We are a close community, and any community is at its best when it helps and supports each other. Over the years the members of Westminster Synagogue have been a marvellous source of support, and people have been extremely generous, in terms of giving their time as volunteers, as well as in making financial donations to help us to provide the continually expanding programme of events and services that we run at the synagogue, in addition to supporting other members through different stages of life.

A wonderful testament to the spirit of our community was in February 2014 at our Czech Scrolls 50th Anniversary weekend, when we welcomed representatives from more than 50 Scroll communities across the world with their Czech Torah Scrolls, along with a great number of dignitaries from the Jewish and wider community in addition to our own members. The organisation was an enormous undertaking, with luncheon for our guests, tours of the museum to be organised as well as storage of the Scrolls and the Commemorative Service itself. That the weekend was universally regarded as a huge success was down in part to our staff, but in greater part to the tremendous range of volunteers who helped us to put the event together. Our volunteers came from right the way across our community, including members of Council and other committees, members of our conversion class, students from our inter-faith Hebrew groups, and parents and staff from our religion school. Their time, effort and commitment was really appreciated as it is throughout the year.

In November 2019 Westminster Synagogue will take part in Peace of Mind which is a project that helps combat soldiers to transition back into civilian life. As part of the project, sixteen young Israeli men and their therapists visit a London Jewish Community, taking part in Group and Individual Therapy as well as communal activities with British Jews. Led by Rabbi Thomas, we will be taking part in this inspirational project this year from 17th - 24th November. Members are able to engage with the programme throughout the week and we hope you can support us in one of following ways:

To volunteer in any of these areas, or to request more information about the week, please click here >

Although our events are not always on this scale, we still have a full programme and welcome offers of help in all aspects of what we do. There are many ways to help or serve our community. 

For more information on volunteering opportunities, please contact the Synagogue Office.

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