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Baby Blessings

“A good name is better than precious oil”  (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

There is a special ceremony in Judaism in which a Hebrew name is given to the child.  This ceremony is a public way of welcoming the baby and providing the chance for him/her to receive a blessing.  If the baby is a boy, the naming ceremony can be arranged following the Brit Milah. If the baby is a girl, the naming would be a part of a blessing ceremony.

At Westminster Synagogue we have a baby blessing service which can be conducted by the Rabbi either following the Torah service on Shabbat mornings or as a part of the Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday evenings. The baby is named in front of the Ark (aron kodesh) and a special blessing of gratitude is recited by both parents.  Generally this is held a month or two after the birth of the child, but may be held later.

This traditional ceremony may be followed by a special kiddush hosted by the family.

For more information, please contact Julieta Kunik, our Lifecycle Coordinator. 


Sat, 20 July 2024 14 Tammuz 5784