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OR SHABBAT 5784 (2023/2024)! 

 A new Head of Youth Education, Daniela Rotbande, who is  developing our connections with different groups at the synagogue 
 We are aiming to welcome a total of 30 families to Or Shabbat
๏ Regular Hebrew check-ins with each child to monitor their progress and catch any challenges
 An emphasis on diversity and inclusion in our curriculum and in the classroom
 More opportunities for Parent learning and service participation, so you can actually learn what your kids are learning too!


Or Shabbat embraces the core Jewish value of Tikkun Olam and takes a creative, open and inclusive approach to Jewish learning which welcomes everyone!  

Jewish learning, Friendship and Practice for life

Children ages 3-11 attend Or Shabbat each week to learn about their Judaism

Or Shabbat provides an open and inclusive Jewish environment for your children to learn about Jewish history and to read Hebrew. At Or Shabbat, they will participate in Jewish practices and traditions and experience the joy of celebrating Jewish festivals, learning prayers and songs. Or Shabbat is a vibrant community where your children will have the social space to develop long-lasting relationships with their peers and the wider Jewish community.



"We were keen for our children to be more immersed in Jewish life and develop a better understanding of Jewish culture through learning and socialising. Having visited Westminster and spoken to Rabbi Benji, Yael and other members of the community, we were left with no doubt that it was the right environment for our family"

- The Land Family




 Lydia Ohrenstein
Kita Daled

“Or Shabbat is really fun!
We have really enthusiastic teachers and a highlight was the trip to the scrolls museum”

Laura Wohlwend
Kita Daled 

“I love teaching at Or Shabbat and being part of this amazing community.
I learn from my students every week."

Rabbi Benji

" At Or Shabbat we give the children of our community the opportunity to ask questions and to explore them, with warm nurturing teachers, to look to as role-models, and with their friends. Or Shabbat invites your children to learn and sing Hebrew, and to love being Jewish, giving them skills, knowledge, values and friends that they hold dear for the rest of their lives. The experience of your children at Or Shabbat inevitably draws you into our warm, diverse community too, into many special family and community moments"

Or Shabbat is divided into 4 Kitot (classes).
א בּ ג ד
At Or Shabbat, we work closely with students to give them the support and guidance they need to be proud in their Jewish lives and in our community. The curriculum for each group, over two years, that will accompany your children onwards in their Jewish Journey and teach them about their Jewish roots through shared stories from the Torah to modern times. They will also learn to read Hebrew and to become active participants in the prayer services at the synagogue.

Our curriculum is based on Jewish values, being built up around the three pillars of Judaism: Torah (study), Avodah (service), and Gemilut Chasadim (good deeds) .“Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world) is also a key concept at Or Shabbat . We inspire children to lead better lives, to build our community together, and to make our world a better place for all.


The learning and experience at Or Shabbat influences children and parents to enrich their day-to-day lives beyond the synagogue.


Get involved at Or Shabbat

For more information on Or Shabbat, our Parent Groups or our community, please 
email Daniela Rotbande or call her via the Synagogue Office. 

For further information on our activities for children and teens, you can check out our brochures below.


Joining is easy. To register for Or Shabbat, just fill out the registration form here!

Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784