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"I instantly felt welcomed and at home at Westminster Synagogue. It has the perfect combination of tradition, rituals and progressive thinking making it so much easier and pleasurable to relate to Judaism. The congregation is so diverse and non-judgemental that it's easy for an expat to fit in. The Rabbi and lay leaders help tie everything together and make Westminster Synagogue feel like a family."

We are a community of almost 700 adult members, or 480 families. Over the last two years we have welcomed over two dozen new babies bringing the number of children to 400 approximately.

Each age group is well represented and whilst many of our members are English, a significant number have settled in Britain from a wide range of countries. Westminster Synagogue is a multicultural, multilingual community with members from a diverse range of professions.

Kent House is situated in SW7 but three quarters of our members live outside this postcode, with 70% within a five mile radius on both sides of Hyde Park. Many members travel great distances to belong or to stay connected to our community. We have a number of Overseas Members too who have chosen to retain their membership after moving abroad.

For more information about our special community, contact the Rabbi or the Synagogue office.

Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784