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Membership Fees

Membership is available to all men and women of the Jewish faith over the age of 18 years. All have equal rights. Family subscription includes children under the age of 18.

Subscription rates are reviewed annually. In exceptional cases where the standard subscriptions rates are beyond their means, members are asked to discuss the matter in confidence with either the Chairman or the Rabbi . Those able to pay more than the standard rates are earnestly requested to do so.  If you are in the 18-23 age category, no charge will be made unless you are in full time paid employment.

The annual subscription year runs from May 1st to April 30th.  In the year of joining members' subscriptions are pro-rated to the next April 30th in whole months.  For instance, for a married couple aged 36 and over, joining on February 1st, the subscription for the first year is: £1,340 x 3 (months) / 12 = £335.00  For a single person in the same age range joining on November 15th, it is £800 x 6 / 12 = £400.00. Please calculate the correct amount and enter it in the appropriate box at the end of the Application Form.

Members are required to complete Direct Debit mandates, and Gift Aid forms if they pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the United Kingdom.

Westminster Synagogue is a registered charity. Charity Number:1133190

To download our current Membership Fees,  click here, or see below.


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