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Jews commemorate the anniversary of the death of loved ones by lighting a small candle, called a yahrzeit candle, which burns throughout the 24-hour day of the anniversary of death. The flame of the candle is a potent symbol of the flame of life that once burned brightly and illuminated the lives of those who mourn the loss.

At Westminster Synagogue, members may honour the memory of their loved ones in the Memorial Prayers both on Shabbat evening and morning services, and during the Yom Kippur Memorial service. We ask you to advise the synagogue in writing of the name and date of death of any family member you wish to be remembered. We will also prepare a Table of Yahrzeits for a period of 10 years, and, should you so wish it, send you a reminder of a yahrzeit date for your relatives.

Members may also wish to have a mitzvah during a Shabbat service and host the Kiddush on the date of a family member's yahrzeit. 

For further information, please contact the Synagogue office or email 

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