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In planning these events, we have been guided by a vision of Westminster as a community of learners in which we study deeply and regularly together, developing our Jewish skills and strengthening our practice and knowledge. We are excited to explore new texts and different styles of learning with each other over the coming months. In addition to our regular monthly Oneg Shabbatot, there are plenty of opportunities to come together and learn. 

Tikkun Leil

Erev Shavuot Service and Supper - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024, 6.30pm-10pm

It's tradition to stay up all night for the Tikkun Leil, or night of study, which parallels what the Jewish people should have been doing as they waited for Moses to finally come down the mountain with the tablets in hand. In staying up all night, it guarantees that we’ll be ready to receive Torah when the moment comes.

We will have sessions running between 9:30pm and midnight on the theme of Acceptance, see schedule on the next page, and whether you join us for one or all of them, we look forward to learning with you!

We will continue our learning by travelling to New London Synagogue and joining their Tikkun Leil, creating opportunities to learn from and with new people. For more information and sign up click here.


Stay tuned for 5785 term dates!

Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784