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As mentioned on the front page, Westminster Synagogue is a warm and welcoming independent community, which allows its members to practise Judaism in their own way without criticism or judgment.  Our members are culturally diverse and come from many countries.  Whilst they may have come from a variety of Jewish backgrounds, in our Synagogue they enjoy a Jewish life that combines traditional roots and a progressive approach. 

The social and caring aspects of Westminster Synagogue life are very important to us and we encourage our members not only to participate and attend events with their families and friends, but also to enjoy the benefits of active service to the Community. In addition to the religious and educational aspects, we host a wide range of social events for the whole community, organised by different committees, for both adults and children.

Volunteers organise a wide range of services for the Community such as making/sponsoring Kiddush for Shabbat and festival services and for special occasions such as Bar/Bat mitzvah, baby blessings, and Yahrzeits. Members are asked to organise a Kiddush once a year. Others help with the children’s education programme Or Shabbat, and with Kent House Presents, our social and cultural events programme.

Members of the community also arrange Chavurah suppers and Oneg luncheons.  Chavurah means a community of friends and the idea of our Chavurah suppers and Oneg lunches is that they are just that, a group of friends who get together to share a Shabbat Friday evening or Saturday morning service at the Synagogue and a meal together. They are organised by different people for specific groups within our community and include evenings specially arranged for those with young families, and for young adults. 

For more information on the dates of upcoming events, click on the events calendar on the home page. 

If you wish to know more about either just visiting or joining our community or attending when of our events, then please contact our Events Team at

You will always be welcome.


Sun, 26 May 2024 18 Iyar 5784