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It’s been wonderful seeing more and more members taking a role within the service - and now we want to invite even more members to get involved. Whether you jump right in, or would like training in different areas, we would be delighted to help you!

Below you can find four ways you can step up and connect with our Friday Night and Saturday Morning Services:


There are opportunities each week to get involved by fulfilling a Mitzvah (commandment) in the service. Mitzvot can vary from lighting candles, dressing/undressing Torah, reading in English, reading in Hebrew and more.

If you already feel comfortable with these Mitzvot, let us know as our Wardens would love to invite you to perform one. Alternatively, if you would like to any Mitzvot training or learn more about them, we’d love to teach you.

To find out more about mitzvot and to express interest, click here.

Camera Control

We’re aware that some members are not able to join us in person for a variety of reasons, so we want to ensure we’re still streaming our services online. We have added a discrete screen in the Sanctuary so a member, sitting in the normal rows, is able to view the stream and change camera view with a simple click whilst still being a part of the service.

This is an easy role that will help members connect from afar - you don’t even have to be tech savvy to help!

Click here, to volunteer for this role and help us ensure we can continue to stream services.

Meet and Greet

It can often be daunting entering a building that you have never been to before (or don’t attend often), so we invite people to volunteer for this role and not to be shy in engaging with all who come through our doors.

Meet and Greeters would be expected to volunteer once every two months, arriving 45 minutes ahead of the service to welcome and sometimes escort members and visitors upstairs to the Sanctuary.

Be the friendly face that welcomes people into the building by clicking here.

Host a Kiddush

Now that Kiddushim have returned, we’re bringing back our Kiddush Rota, welcoming members to host a Kiddush each week. The connections we make at Kiddush can be the start of something wonderful, and so your support in helping ensure we can host these on a regular basis is vital.

Hosting a Kiddush can either be done alone or with other members. It can vary from coming in and preparing the food yourselves, ordering in platters from a bakery or supermarket, or sponsoring one for us to arrange with our Kitchen Team.

Let us know when you are able to host a Kiddush by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy getting involved in one of the above areas, and if you have any questions, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784