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Singing and better understanding our services for all

As part of the community's initiative to enhance music in our services, we are holding Chulyot sessions in which we will especially focus on singing for Friday Nights. We will also explore some of the meaning and structure of our prayers together so that you might even integrate some elements into your personal routine at home.

We are excited that Yoav will teach some Leyning and singing. Hebrew, transliteration and sheet music will be provided. You don’t need to be “a great singer” to come. The purpose is to connect to our services and each other better, and to enjoy the singing.

The emphasis will be to have fun and to create a community of Chulyot – like minded members who wish to feel confident in their singing.  Our hope is that we can teach members to become more familiar and confident with their music, and by doing so actively contribute to our services, and on a personal level, enjoy the many emotions which our rich musical tradition offers. 
We are not looking for a choir, or a major commitment, just a gentle upgrade over time of musical knowledge for those who are interested. This is why we have chosen the term Chulyot for this initiative: Chulya are the windings in the Tzitzit at the corners of a Tallit. These windings of white and blue bind the loose threads and together, the Chulyot, create a firm but flexible spine for the Tzitzit. We hope in the same way that individuals within our community can help bind and fortify our communal singing. 

Our first session on Tuesday, 1st December, will focus especially on the singing or chanting of the Shema, which will now be done in some of our Friday nights, and will also be a strong basis in the future from which to learn to chant Torah.

Future sessions will be held on 8th December, 19th January and 26th January - all from 8:00-9:00pm. You can come to any or all the sessions, please just complete the form below to let us know which sessions you can attend.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

We will be processing your information in line with our privacy notice, which is available on our website or from our office.


Sun, 17 January 2021 4 Sh'vat 5781