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As we sit in uncertain and challenging times, Yael Roberts and Rabbi Benji are offering weekly adult learning online on Monday evenings. The classes will take place at 6:30-8:00pm via Zoom.

Classes have and will focus on topics such as using Psalms to cultivate a sense of hope, exploring the connection between the virus and Pesach, Jewish sources on visiting the sick and Bikkur Cholim, and the role of Torah study in times of difficulty. 

Classes run in blocks of 5 weeks with the current dates of Mondays 15th June - 13th July.

Monday, 15th June -  Yael Roberts will be looking at race and privilege, our obligation to address them as Jewish people, and how they play out in our community. There will be some text to look at, and we’ll also have time for facilitated conversation and sharing. Although this topic might be uncomfortable for some, we believe it’s important to address given the events of the past few weeks in the USA and the murder of George Floyd.

Monday 22nd June - Rabbi Benji will be looking at  #Actionsnotwords has become a key sentiment for a number of causes and activists. It may also be an important sentiment for our Rabbis, or at least one important voice in a conversation. At a time when many of us feel especially restricted in our ability to act, we will explore the Rabbinic expressions and imagery encouraging us to ground our existence in action.

Monday 29th June - Yael Roberts will be looking at Home and Family. We will look at how our attitudes to “home” and “family” have changed as a result of the pandemic. Exploring the chassidic concept of “ratzoh v’shiv” (running and returning) we will look at the journeys that take us to and from the physical and psychological places of home, as we move towards and away from the places of comfort and safety. 

Monday 6th July - Rabbi Benji - A Judaism that addresses Chaos and Destruction in the World: We will explore some short creative Rabbinic responses (midrashim) on the place of chaos and destruction in the world and our role in response to it.

Monday 13th July -Yael Roberts will be looking at Staying Present with Difficulty.

During the classes, there will be the option of group and one-on-one learning (via Zoom’s breakout room feature). Zoom is easy to use and download, but if you need help please let us know.

Sign up for the class and receive the Zoom link as well as the weekly source sheets by emailing Nivi. We will send a weekly email on Monday afternoons before each class.

Tue, 4 August 2020 14 Av 5780