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As we sit in uncertain and challenging times, Yael Roberts and Rabbi Benji are offering weekly adult learning online on Monday evenings. The classes will take place at 7:30-8:30pm via Zoom.

For our next series of Monday Night Learning for Times of Uncertainty and Challenge, we will explore The Two Most Important Principles in the Torah: Love your Neighbor as Yourself, and Humanity Being made in the Image of God. Our learning, over the five sessions, will explore both the concepts of V’ahavtah L’reachah Kamocha (loving our fellow as ourselves) and B’tzelem Elohim (human beings created in the image of God).

As the global pandemic continues, these sessions will support us to cultivate love and care for our neighbours, our community, and all of humanity. The sessions will build on each other from fortnight to fortnight, as we deepen into our exploration of how to relate outwards from a place of self-love and commitment to Torah.

Classes this autumn are held on:

  • Monday 12th October - Yael Roberts will teach on loving our neighbour, loving ourselves, and the biblical commandments and medieval commentators surrounding these verses. How can we bring love to our experience even in times of difficulty? 
  • Monday 26th October - Rabbi Benji will teach on radical, world-changing implications of the Biblical Concept of Being in the Image of God, both in Biblical times and now. We will focus particularly on Bereishit (Genesis), and further expressions of the idea in the Torah, and also touch upon the particular power of the concept in its near-eastern context. 
  • Monday 9th November - Yael Roberts will teach on tales of love. From stories exploring the “va’ahvtah” verse, to Rabbinic stories of love and friendship, we will ask: How can we bring love to our relationships as life continues to greet us with the unexpected?
  • Monday 23rd November - Rabbi Benji will teach Rabbinic explorations of what it means to be in the Image of God, delving into Mishnah and Talmud. What does this mean for the way we see others? If we are in the image of God what impact can we have on that image?
  • Monday 7th December - Yael Roberts will teach on what our Jewish spiritual texts and Kabbalah have to say about loving our neighbour and creation in God’s image. How can we cultivate love and treat everyone with care, when we encounter people that challenge us? 

During the classes, there will be the option of group and one-on-one learning (via Zoom’s breakout room feature). Zoom is easy to use and download, but if you need help please let us know.

Sign up for the class and receive the Zoom link as well as the weekly source sheets by emailing Nivi. We will send a weekly email on Monday afternoons before each class.

Tue, 26 January 2021 13 Sh'vat 5781