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Reading List

The following is a recommended list of core texts for those wishing to learn about Judaism. The Rabbi will recommend particular books depending on the interests of an individual, but the core text for the course is 'The Honey and the Sting', number 19 listed below which offers a wonderfully comprehensive and warmly written overview of Judaism from a Reform perspective.

1.    Westminster Synagogue's Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book
2.    Westminster Synagogue's Rosh Hashanah, Yorn Kippur and Festival Prayer Books
3.    Siddur Lev Chadash (Liberal Judaism Website)
4.    Machzor Ruach Chadashah (Liberal Judaism Website)
5.    Haggadah b' chol dor va-dor (Liberal Judaism Website)
6.    Hebrew-English Tanakh, Jewish Publication Society of America (JPS), 2003
7.    W Gunther Plaut, The Torah: A Modern Commentary, 2005
8.    Liberal Jewish Values and Practice leaflets (Liberal Judaism Website)
9.    Affirmations of Liberal Judaism (Liberal Judaism Website)
10.    David J Goldberg and John D Rayner, The Jewish People: Their History and their Religion, 1987
11.    John D Rayner, Principles of Jewish Ethics
12.    Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah, Compelling Commitments, 2007
13.    Pete Tobias, Liberal Judaism: A Judaism for the 21st Century, 2007
14.    Jonathan Magonet, The Explorer's Guide to Judaism, Hodder & Stoughton, 1998
15.    Julia Neuberger, On Being Jewish, London, 1995
16.    Louis Jacobs, The Book of Jewish Belief, 1984
17.    Louis Jacobs, The Book of Jewish Practice, 1984
18.    Simon Schama, The History of the Jews, 2013
19.    Walter Rothschild, The Honey and the Sting, 2016


Useful Websites for further Learning

My Jewish Learning - for information and articles on all aspects of Jewish learning from customs and history to the weekly Torah portion.

The American Reform Judaism Movement - this website is also a treasure trove on Jewish life including videos on how to perform rituals, songs, links for children and so much more.

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