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     Efrem Efremov

Before coming to Westminster Synagogue Efrem was a team leader of the security guards in Vaudeville Theatre, after having worked as a security officer for two and a half years. He likes this job and especially working at Westminster Synagogue because he likes giving people a secure zone they feel comfortable in. Even though it’s a struggle waking up early and working a lot, it’s worth it once he sees people coming here. He enjoys being friendly with people in general but here he feels like it is easy to make something more and he has become friends with both members and staff. Efrem feels like he was meant to be keeping people away from troubles and not only protecting people physically but also giving then mental support as he would give 100 percent to make people smile, in a kind and positive approach. Efrem has enjoyed getting to know the community and now many times as they are coming out of their car first thing they would say to me would be “ Good morning Efrem, how are you?“  Efrem loves his job, the appreciation he’s receiving and the fact that people feel safe and free in the synagogue and  it is his honour to be a part of keeping them safe and secure.

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Thu, 22 October 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781