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Shabbat Learning 

Are you interested in delving into the weekly parshiyot and themes for different times of year?

Join us on Shabbat for a short class to study with our rabbis and educators.

We are pleased to launch our programme for the Autumn:

Yael Roberts on 'Jewish Spirituality for Days of Awe' On 2 September, 9 September, 23 September.
We will explore different Chassidic masters who share wisdom for the days of awe, in the lead-up and through Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. How do we return ourselves and those around us to the Divine? What is the process of teshuvah and how to we go about it? 

Rabbi Benji  on 'From seeming weird to providing radical insights: The Haftarah'   On 14 October, 28 October, 4 November, at 12:45-2:00pm
Contrary to popular misconception the Haftarah is not half-Torah! The term comes from the verb “to complete”, and the haftarah functions as early commentary on the Torah, sometimes subversive, and always interesting when you spot and explore the connections between the Torah and Haftarah. We’ll explore these connections and also begin to appreciate some of the searing Prophets of the Haftarah in their own right. For each of these Shabbat lunch and learns we’ll start exploring the Haftarah for the coming week so as to already be appreciating the next Shabbat as well as this one. Come learn and discuss. Sign up here. 

Rabbi Kamila on the Parsha 11 November, 2 December, at 12:45-2:00pm
Join Rabbi Kamila as she starts her new role and offers teaching as part of her welcome to the community. These sessions will return to our usual "parsha" style learning with a chance to explore the weekly portion in-depth with Kamila. Sign up here.

Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784