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Training Thursdays

Getting a Handle on the Shabbat Morning Service

In this mini-series, we will explore the literal, theological and symbolical meanings of prayers you encounter week by week in our brown prayer book. We will focus on the prayers’ structure and meaning and ask ourselves what spirituality means to us and how it manifests.

Specifically, we will delve deeper into the main three sections of our Westminster Synagogue Shabbat Morning service and learn about the overall structure of morning services. Further, we will explore how one part connects to the next and what to do with our bodies, thoughts, and minds when we pray.

Please join us for Learning Thursdays on Zoom from 19:30-21:00:

  • 28th March: Structure of Shabbat morning service and the meaning of prayer
  • 4th April: Thank Yous and Praises: Birkot ha Shachar and Pesukei de Zimrah
  • 11th April: Proclaim and enquire! The Shema and its blessings and the Amidah
  • 18th April: The choreography of the Torah service and concluding prayers

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Wed, 19 June 2024 13 Sivan 5784