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Our warden's team has decided that this year, is to be a momentous year of training, as we equip more people to participate in the services than ever before. 

They will be holding training sessions on Tuesdays throughout the year, focusing on different topics each month. Most of the sessions will be held as sets of three, however they will also offer 'one off's and one-on-one support for those who would be interested. 

October Sessions - Building your Hebrew Reading Confidence

The sessions in October will be held via zoom on: Tuesdays 12th, 19 & 26th October and will focus on Building your Hebrew Reading Confidence. 

If you want to build your Hebrew reading confidence, come to these three Training Tuesdays, which will make you confident reading Hebrew, transforming your relationship with your Judaism. We will start “from scratch”, for complete beginners, but these classes are also for you, if you have started learning or once learnt to read hebrew, but want to build or regain confidence and greater fluency in reading all letters, vowels and words. We will have the joy of being taught by Yoav Oved, a skilled Hebrew teacher as well as wonderful singer! These classes will help you follow and participate in our services, or take next steps in your Jewish learning or practice by increasingly being able to look at the Hebrew; or perhaps you want to support your child in their Jewish learning, and this will help you with that (you might even come together). Do let us know if you’re coming by signing up below. What a great opportunity to build upon the inspiration of the High Holy Days, and to have fun together as a community.

Click here to sign up for the 12th,  19th and the 26th.

Tue, 27 September 2022 2 Tishrei 5783