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Prayer for Israel

Almighty God, we ask thy blessing on the people and the land of Israel. 

In these dark days of war, we pray for those who are suffering, for those who are grieving, and for those who are afraid. We pray for rest for the ones we have lost, and strength for those left behind. 

We pray for wisdom for the defenders of Israel, for the men and women of the Israel Defense Force, grant them the courage and care to protect the peoples of Israel. 

Watch over the hostages, the old and the so very young, and wait with those who wait for them. Give comfort, we pray, to those for whom
waiting and hope have come to an end. 

Show mercy, our God, to those who sit in fear in their homes, or not in their homes, with loved ones near or far, who do not know what the
next hours or days or weeks might bring. Wherever they are, whoever they might be.

We pray that the world might hold compassion for those who want no war, but for whom war is the reality of their days and nights. We pray for mothers and fathers, for sons and daughters, in the kibbutzim and cities of Israel and the displacement centres across the borders. We pray for those who are trying to bring healing in the most difficult of places. And we pray for the lives and the innocence of children, unable to understand and forced to face loss, terror and fear. 

We pray for ourselves too, may we have the courage to know our neighbours as ourselves.

May the days of war be short and hear our prayer that after this comes not only an end to war, but a beginning of peace. May the peoples of
your Holy Land find the courage to rebuild and to rededicate themselves to an end to all war, so that the vision of justice and love may come to be realised upon that ancient soil. May thy word go out from Jerusalem and may it ever be a city of peace.


Ways to support

Below you can find a list of resources and services that you may wish to support with either time or money. We see this page as a communal resource, with areas that may appeal to some members, and others for other members, as such, please note that resources/events shared here do not necessarily represent the views of the community as a whole. This list will continue to be updated and if you want to suggest a new organisation to add, an event to share with our community, or any other resources you think may be beneficial, please get in touch.  

We feel it is vital to keep the lives of the hostages at the forefront of our minds as we pray for their safe return. To read more about their stories, click here.

With thanks to Daniela Kendal, a leader on iTrek, who created a Support Israel list which you can find here, as well as JFN for their similar webpage of ways to support which you can find here.

Please note ways to donate to Kibbutzim can be found at bottom of page.

Websites and Resources

Wider Community Events

In addition to WS community events, we want to bring your attention to a few other significant gatherings happening in London, which, whilst not affiliated with our community, we wanted to share:

Stand with Israel Rally - Sunday, 14th January, 2:30pm

This Sunday, 14th January, marks 100 days since the tragedies of October 7th, and so there will be a mass rally “Stand With Israel” being held at 2:30pm at a central location in London. The exact location will be made public the night before the event.

The rally includes representatives of parliament, influencers, representatives of Jewish and Christian organisations, as well as official spokespersons of Israel, including Eylon Levy and a solo in solidarity being sung by our very own Yoav Oved. Click here to register for the march or to learn more about it.

For those members of the community who would prefer to march together, please register here and we'll share details of our meeting place. We may also share your contact information with a WS lay leader on the day to help facilitate the group, please do note if you do not wish for us to do so.

Board of Deputies Vigils – Tuesdays and Wednesdays in January, 1:00-3:00pm

The Board of Deputies has announced that it will be holding small weekly vigils outside Parliament for the return of the hostages and is calling for members of the Jewish community and allies to join this effort. The Board is looking for those who are willing to volunteer a couple of hours of their time, either on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, to join these vigils, which began Tuesday 5th December, and will resume in January when Parliament returns from recess. Those who are interested can sign up here, and they will be contacted with a date, time and specific venue in the Westminster area. The vigils will be staffed by the Board and are being co-ordinated with the police and CST. For more information, click here.

To sign up for the BoD Community Briefing and to read past issues, click here.

Donating Money

Meir Panim -  a non-profit organization in support of Israel, was established to promote, support and further activities which are committed to providing both immediate and long-term relief to the impoverished- young and old alike- via a dynamic range of food and social service programs, all aimed at helping the needy with dignity and respect. 

Magen David Adom Support Israel’s national emergency medical service, Magen David Adom, which is on the frontlines of saving lives in Israel. Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg Philanthropies will match donations 1:1 that made to Magen David Adom through this link.

Atzum - Justice Works  “Adopt” a family for a year, a family of one, or chillingly, more than one, of the murdered, or abducted to Gaza. ATZUM, in cooperation with the social workers and case workers of two organizations assisting those families, has identified families who have lost everything - their livelihoods, homes, possessions, and the lives and/or freedom of their loved ones. $20,000 USD will provide +/- 6,000 NIS monthly assistance for a year. Hopefully, the State will by then have developed better frameworks of relief, which will still, inevitably, be inadequate. To best facilitate that, please contact the Chief Exec who can provide the bank wire details. 

UJIA Emergency Community Appeal Right now 5,000 Shabbat meals are being delivered right now to Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Dimona, Netivot, Ofakim and Sderot. Helmets, flak jackets, emergency communications equipment and generators for first line responders are arriving along the northern border. Vital supplies including soaps and hygiene products as well as nappies for babies and toddlers are being delivered to affected communities in the South. Next week even greater needs will emerge. Only you can make sure that we have the funds to respond immediately.

United Hatzalah Our existing inventory of medical supplies and equipment that was supposed to be sufficient for the next year is now completely depleted, and we need to order more. These supplies can be ordered and delivered over the course of the next week to ensure that UH volunteers have everything they need to respond to the ongoing attacks. Our medics are on the front line and in need of support and reinforcements as they respond to lifesaving calls.

NATAL - the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center Apolitical organization providing multidisciplinary treatment and support to direct and indirect victims of trauma due to the terror in Israel.

Tag Meir Project Urgent Response Tag Meir responds within 24-48 hours of a hate crime by organising solidarity visits to the victims, such interreligious activities are designed to develop mutual trust and solidarity amongst various sections in Israeli Society. Our response team visits affected communities, bereaved families and hospitalized injured victims. In addition we visit vandalised and damaged sites to help with the clean up, refurbishing and planting olive trees together on site.

Israeli Children's Fund Providing Israeli children who have lost one or both parents to acts of terrorism, or who have one or both parents being held hostage, with the security and stability they need to thrive.

HIAS HIAS provides vital services to refugees and asylum seekers around the world and advocates for their fundamental rights so they can rebuild their lives. HIAS is implementing an initial 30-day response plan seeking to focus critical needs as well as core emergency capabilities to address crisis in Israel. These include: a Help Rush Emergency Aid to Israel campaign.

Solution not Sides Help us to tackle polarisation in the UK around Israel-Palestine, and build trust between communities by delivering our youth education programming to students around the UK, in schools, youth groups, community spaces and universities. The non-partisan programme has been formulated with the input of both Israelis and Palestinians as well as senior members of Jewish and Muslim communities, and is designed to prepare students to make a positive, solutions-focused contribution to debates on Israel-Palestine.

The Bereaved Families Forum The Bereaved Families Forum (sometimes known as the Parents Circle-Families Forum) was started by Yitzhak Frankenthal (left) in 1995, a year after his 19-year-old son Arik was killed by Hamas. He declared that as a religious Jew he could not justify seeking revenge for his son’s murder. Despite his pain, he said, the only ethical response to the loss of his son was to try to prevent further deaths and suffering. So, he set about contacting other bereaved families, both Israeli and Palestinian, and persuading them that reconciliation was a better objective than revenge.

The Jewish Agency Fund The Jewish Agency’s Fund for Victims of Terror has been providing immediate, critical financial assistance to victims and their families. We have already disbursed hundreds of grants, arriving with checks within 24-48 hours, and anticipate distributing more, while also following up with long-term overall recovery and rehabilitative support.

CST CST prides itself on providing all of its services to the Jewish community entirely free of charge. This means that security is provided on a ‘need’ basis rather than on ability to pay. CST is a registered charity. We rely on donations and without your support we cannot maintain and develop our work. Your donation will enable us to provide expert security protection and advice to help secure synagogues, communal buildings and events.

JAMI Mental Health Jami supports many hundreds of people each year impacted by mental health problems, enabling those isolated because of their mental distress to become re-engaged with their family, friends and local community. We improve mental health understanding for thousands more people through training, seminars and other educational sessions. Jami has never been more needed to deliver life-saving mental health services now, and to grow to meet the increasing demand from adults and children in our community.

Leket As Israel entered its second week of the evolving crisis on its southern and northern borders, Leket Israel has launched 3 emergency relief programmes with a combined budget of £4.9million to provide: Meals for the Housebound & Evacuees (Leket is delivering an average of 5,000 hot meals daily. These meals are sourced from southern caterers); . Essential Dry Goods and Baby Supplies )Leket is actively providing essential supplies to affected families in the South and those displaced to Eilat and the Negev desert. Our relief parcels contain crucial staples such as rice, couscous, pasta, and canned goods.  We are also distributing diapers and baby formula to support young families.) Direct Financial Support (Leket is extending support to thousands of families through debit cards, recharged weekly. This programme operates in collaboration with local welfare departments in the South to assist those whose income has been affected by the conflict or who face challenges in accessing their usual sources of aid.) We appeal to you, for your support during this challenging period. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant impact and help provide essential meals, supplies, and direct financial aid to those in need. 

Temple Sinai Operation Tourniquet We’re focusing exclusively on Combat Tourniquets. We’re in direct contact with the IDF to find the supply gaps and give each soldier a chance to save their own and other’s life by directly proving them with a tourniquet. Over the last week we’ve handed thousands of tourniquets directly to soldiers throughout Israel. We just partnered with a 501c3 and are fundraising for 3000 new tourniquets this weeks. Each one is $20. 

New Israel Fund The New Israel Fund UK have moved rapidly to shelter and provide for those fleeing the kibbutzim, towns and Bedouin villages attacked by Hamas; prevent violence in mixed cities and promote community cohesion; and expand trauma support services. Please give what you can and support NIF’s crisis appeal.


The Kibbutz Movement - Help Kibbutz victims The Kibbutz Movement, serving as the governing body for 257 Kibbutzim scattered across Israel, hereby brings to your attention the critical situation faced by Kibbutzim situated in the proximity of the Gaza Strip in southern Israel.

Support Kibbutz Beeri The purpose of this fund is to rebuild Kibbutz Be'eri, to rebuild the community, and to answer all of the physical and emotional needs of the families that have been affected. Today, the community of Be'eri has no home to return to, and we are here for them. 

Support Sha'ar HaNegev The Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council was one of the hardest-hit municipalities in Hamas’ attack on Israel. We still need emergency supplies, equipment, and the means to provide emotional and financial support to those who have lost everything.

Support Nir Oz Kibbutz Nir Oz in the Gaza Strip underwent a horrific massacre. Dozens were murdered, suffocated by smoke or kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. Dozens are still missing. The families are being evacuated today for an unknown amount of time. The vehicles in the kibbutz were burned and many houses were destroyed to the ground. We will appreciate any donation that will help the residents.            

Support Kfar Aza Kibbutz Kfar Azza suffered heavy losses, and the entire nation of Israel stands with the Kibbutz and its heroic residents in the most difficult times! The goal of the initiative is to help locate the missing and kidnapped, help families with all their physical and mental needs, and restore the beloved kibbutz.

Support Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh, located near Beer Sheva, is currently housing over 300 evacuees - women, children, babies and the elderly - who were brought here to safety, leaving behind their possessions, their sense of security, and their livelihoods. They arrived here with nothing but the clothes on their backs, in state of shock. This number is increasing each day and we hope to be able to accommodate up to 700 people - more than double the Kibbutz population. Funds will be used to immediately provide essential supplies like food, cloths and diapers as well as matresses and other emergency supplies for the shelters.

Support Kibbutz Holit Our houses and vehicles were destroyed by bombs, fire, and more. But we want to return to rebuild our home. Our farms and factory were badly damaged and we cannot be there to maintain them. But also this, like all else that has been ruined, we will rebuild anew.

Support Kibbutz Reim Kibbutz Reim used to be one of the quietest places in the Western Negev, has now become a battlefield. The survivors of the terrorist attack were evacuated from their homes for an undetermined amount of time, fleeing without time to prepare and without the basic amenities. Reim will appreciate and cherish every donation and every assistance, so that it can emotionally and financially rehabilitate its residents and rebuild the kibbutz from the ground up.

Support Kibbutz Nirim We are shocked but strong. To return to the region as a strong community, we need partners and friends. We need donations to help those who have lost their homes and loved ones rebuild their lives and our community. Any donation will be helpful.

Support Kibbutz Kisufim We, the people of the kibbutz, are committed to continuing our lives together in this beautiful place we've called home for more than seven decades.  Every donation, big or small, will help us support the families of the victims of the attack, rebuild homes and infrastructure of the kibbutz, and strengthen the future of our community. 

Support Moshav Netiv Ha'Asara Our community of about 1000 men and women went through hours of a horrific ordeal, trying to survive and protect themselves and their loved ones from murderous terrorists. Fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, and grandparents were all murdered in cold blood. In these difficult times, we reach out for help.

Support Kibbutz Magen The army evacuated all the members of the kibbutz to the Dead Sea. Now, only 17 Magen members are left to guard the kibbutz and take care of 200 elite unit soldiers, including their food, showers, and laundry. We need your help to financially support these brave IDF soldiers who are defending our community. 

Support Nir Itzhak The murderous attack left the kibbutz community bleeding and shattered. All survivors were evacuated. With the fields and cowshed abandoned, the kibbutz has also lost some of its primary sources of income. The funds you donate will be used to strengthen and support community members, including providing emotional care, equipment for children's homes, facilities for the community's well-being, and repairing property damage.

Support Kibbutz Sufa The terrorists did a devastating damage to the contents of homes, property, and community buildings. The entire kibbutz was evacuated. There is no foreseeable return date, and it is going to take a herculean effort to build the kibbutz back. We understand that we will face a long and challenging rehabilitation process - physical, communal, and mental.

Support Nir Am Support enhancing security measures, providing essential equipment for our dedicated standby squad, ensuring protection, and securing emergency power supplies

Support Kibbutz Nahal Oz At least 20 of the terrorists who carried out the surprise attack infiltrated Kibbutz Nahal Oz. The terrorists broke into homes, massacred kibbutz residents, and killed entire families. In addition to the massacre, Hamas terrorists kidnapped several residents of the kibbutz to the Gaza Strip, including parents and their three children. All surviving residents of Nahal Oz abandoned their homes and left them behind.


With thanks to Daniela Kendal, a leader on iTrek, who created a Support Israel list which you can find hereas well as JFN for their similar webpage of ways to support which you can find here.

Mon, 26 February 2024 17 Adar I 5784